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Khutba Allahabad 1930: A Visionary Speech by Allama Iqbal

Khutba Allahabad 1930: A Visionary Speech by Allama Iqbal

Khutba Allahabad 1930 (ØØØÛ ØÙÛ ØØØØ) was a historic speech delivered by the renowned poet and philosopher, Sir Muhammad Iqbal, at the 21st annual session of the All-India Muslim League in Allahabad on 29 December 1930. In this speech, Iqbal presented his vision of a separate homeland for the Muslims of India, based on their distinct cultural and religious identity. He also outlined the principles of Islamic democracy, social justice and human rights that would guide the future Muslim state.

Khutba Allahabad 1930 In Urdu Pd

The speech was a response to the political and constitutional challenges faced by the Muslims of India in the aftermath of the First World War and the Khilafat Movement. Iqbal argued that the Muslims of India were not a minority, but a nation, with a unique history, culture and civilization. He criticized the British colonial rule and the Indian National Congress for ignoring the rights and interests of the Muslims. He also rejected the idea of a single Indian nation or a federation of provinces as impractical and unjust for the Muslims.

Iqbal proposed that the Muslim-majority provinces of north-western and eastern India should be united into a single autonomous state within the British Empire, or form an independent federation outside it. He envisioned this state as a model of Islamic democracy, where the sovereignty would belong to God and the people would elect their representatives according to Islamic law. He also emphasized the need for social reform, economic development and cultural revival among the Muslims. He urged them to adopt modern science and technology, while preserving their Islamic values and identity.

Khutba Allahabad 1930 was a landmark speech that inspired millions of Muslims to strive for their political and religious freedom. It also laid the foundation for the Pakistan Movement, which led to the creation of Pakistan in 1947. The speech is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of Urdu prose and rhetoric, and one of the most influential speeches in Pakistani history.

If you want to read the full text of Khutba Allahabad 1930 in Urdu, you can download it from this link[^1^]. You can also watch a video of Iqbal delivering his speech here[^2^].

In his speech, Iqbal also addressed some of the key issues and challenges facing the Muslim world in the 20th century. He discussed the role of Islam in the modern world, the relationship between religion and politics, the revival of Islamic thought and culture, and the need for unity and solidarity among the Muslims. He also expressed his views on the future of Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Palestine, and the role of Muslim countries in international affairs.

Iqbal's speech was a visionary and prophetic one, as it anticipated many of the developments and events that would shape the history of the Muslim world in the later decades. His ideas and insights are still relevant and inspiring for the Muslims today, as they face new challenges and opportunities in the 21st century. Iqbal's speech is a testament to his genius and wisdom, and a source of guidance and hope for the Muslims.

Khutba Allahabad 1930 is a masterpiece of Urdu literature and a treasure of Islamic thought. It is a speech that every Muslim should read and understand, as it contains the essence of Iqbal's philosophy and vision. It is a speech that changed the course of history and created a new nation. It is a speech that deserves to be celebrated and remembered. e0e6b7cb5c


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