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Committed to Excellence

Javon M. Trottman-Floyd is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Outside-In Consulting, LLC and a seasoned non-profit executive with over 20 years of non-profit experience.  Javon has aided non-profits and professionals across various sectors including health care, behavioral health, housing, early childhood education, and human rights advocacy. Javon’s holistic approach continues to prove success in improving operational efficiencies, enhanced employee performance, and cultivating a healthy, diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizational culture. 

Javon and OIC consultants utilize an eclectic model for organizational development that supports non-profits in every aspect of their operations (e.g. DE&I, human resource management, continuous quality improvement, program design and evaluations, compliance, and board governance). When you work with OIC, you can expect a collaboration with transparency, consistency, and confidentiality. Want to learn more? Contact me today for an initial free consultation.

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