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Emerging & Expanding Nonprofits

Emerging & Expanding Nonprofits

At Outside-In, we understand the financial limitations of emerging and growing nonprofits and tailor our services to meet your organizational needs with quality and care. As a nonprofit insider, Outside-In consultants can attest that identifying a cause to support and expressing a commitment to a mission is the easy part in forming or managing a nonprofit organization.  Regardless of what stage your nonprofit is in (inception, emerging, or expanding) managing a nonprofit can be confusing and complex. Like a for profit corporation, nonprofits are faced with political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal influences that impact how the organization is run.

Like a corporation’s shareholders and investors, nonprofit stakeholders are just as valuable to the organization’s sustainability and mission attainment. Starting and growing a nonprofit must be done in a deliberate and strategic approach. Nonprofit founders and executive must pay close attention to the organizations core infrastructure and reinvest in its human capital.

  • Thinking about starting a nonprofit, but do not know where to start?

  • Are you experiencing difficulties managing your organization’s strategic priorities?

  • Have you experienced significant growth and looking to “right-size” or restructure your organization to meet its growing needs?

  • Is your organization in desperate need of automation and/or quality improvement?

  • Are you looking to maintain or achieve a competitive edge in your industry?

  • Looking to diversify your services or revenue streams?

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  • Are you starting a new program and in need of a project manager or program evaluator?

  • Are you and your team ready to put your strategic plan in motion and need a road map?

  • Do you need help managing change?

  • Is conflict on your board or leadership team interfering with agency progression?

  • Do you need board governance or compliance support?

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If you answered yes to any of these, contact us about our organizational services geared towards emerging and expanding nonprofits.

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